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My Past Projects

I have worked in a few different genres of music and with some amazing artists. This is a small celebration of the people I have worked with who have helped guide my musical journey. 



Reija & the IRONHEADS

A passion project/cover band, I was the lead singer of the hard rock band from 2020-2022. Reija & the Ironheads was formed when I met Cross, an electric guitar player who was looking for a singer. I greatly enjoyed my time with the Ironheads. The band taught me how to have a really good time on stage and let loose. We released an EP "What Does It Take" in 2020, it is currently streaming on all platforms. 


The Procession

My first album "The Procession" was released in 2020, I worked with producer Greg Edenfield on my original music. The album cover was done with my good friend Brooke Toomey, who is a talented videographer and photographer. You can stream "The Procession" on any music streaming service. 



Reija & Bart

The music that started it all for me, it would hardly be a list of projects without mentioning Bart. He helped get me into the local Monterey music scene and we played together for a few years with him on guitar and me on vocals. We would do lots of free styles and classic rock covers. Some of our songs can still be found on YouTube and Soundcloud. 

Neon lights



Cidre only played a handful of shows, but the blood pumped and the music was kickin'.

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