If you want a band with energy, look no further! Reija & The Ironheads are a strong rock/metal cover band, with music from artists like; Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses, and Billy Idol. 


Reija - Singer

Reija grew up singing in school choirs and musical theatre productions, at the age of 12 she decided she wanted to learn how to play the piano and started teaching herself. Soon after she started playing live at the Monterey Streetfair with Guitar player Bart Keagy, and from then on started playing residentially at the Bull and Bear. Reija opened up for Emi Sunshine at Felton Music Hall. Reija is now seventeen and playing solo at Affina in Carmel, Mondays, Thursday, and Saturdays from 6:30-10:00. A year ago Reija and Cross, (Dave Carrasco) started the band Reija and the Ironheads, they met by coincidence and ran with the idea of a cover band. Some of Reijas inspirations include, The Scorpions, Ella Fitzgerald, Danzig, and Abba. Reija released an album this year titled “The Procession” of just her original music, if your interested you can find it on apple music, spotify, youtube, amazon music, and the list goes on. Crediting most of her success to her father Karl Massey, Reija says “He always pushes me and always has, he helps me at every turn and always has an idea that will better my performance.” Reija hopes to evolve her skills and produce another album in the near future as the Ironheads are now writing their own original music. Be sure to be on the lookout soon!

Cross - Guitar

Cross got his first guitar at the age of 12 and started playing shows at 14. He claims electric guitar as his main focus in life, though has studied piano and classical guitar at university. Some of his influences are Metallica, Pantera, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Guns N’ Roses. Cross’s former acts are MechaniKill, 808: Disturbing The Peace, Infirmities, Tatiana’s War Machine, and Phantom Witch. He has shared the stage with acts such as Death Angel, Michale Graves, DRI, Green Jello, Exmortus, and In The End. Cross has been on tour with a band twice, playing across California, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington. He has recorded on albums and EPs as a sessionist and has composed for animation. In 2019, he earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from UC Santa Cruz. Cross is currently pursuing his dream of opening for Metallica.

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DC - Bassist

Daniel Cavazos began his journey as a musician when he was twelve years old. He started out playing guitar and ventured into bass and drums in his mid teenage years. Some of his influences include Snarky Puppy, Metallica, Tool, and Revocation. DC currently plays in Monterey County based Metal band, Elektrix, where he handles the low end on bass. DC has shared the stage with bands such as Sepultura, The Faceless, Ghoul, I Declare War, and Psychosomatic just to name a handful. He has released two studio albums and an EP with Elektrix. Bands he previously played in include Asterion, Infirmities, Shores of Orion, Sombra De Muerte, and Pennies for Pounds. In 2019, he earned his Bachelor of Music in Music Education from San Jose State University, and in 2013 earned a certificate in Guitar Performance from Musician’s Institute. DC is currently pursuing a musically enriched career of teaching and performing.

Borrego - Drummer

Cristian began playing music at the age of 11 starting out with guitar. In 2011, he formed a thrash metal band with Daniel Cavazos named Elektrix and began playing shows. Some of Cristian’s influences on guitar include The Fall of Troy, Megadeth, Darkest Hour, and Metallica to name a few. In Elektrix he has shared the stage with bands such as Sepultura, Warbringer, Total Chaos, and many others. He has recorded two albums and an EP with the band, the first album being “Morbidity” and second “To the other side”. In 2019 he joined Reija and the Ironheads as the drummer. Additionally, he is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Computer Science at California State University Monterey Bay.